Why you need a managed services provider for your cloud infrastructure

Cloud services are an increasingly popular IT solution for SMBs across the globe. It’s estimated that up to 94 percent of enterprises use the cloud and the average business allocates up to 30 percent of their IT budget to cloud computing. The problem is that a cloud solution is only effective if it’s managed correctly. Here’s how an MSP can help you with your cloud infrastructure and why you need one in the first place. 

Why you need a cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure can benefit your company in numerous ways. And, if you’re not already on the cloud, here are the three most significant reasons for adopting the technology. 


Cloud computing adds strategic value to your organization. Not only does an effective cloud infrastructure give you an edge over your competitors, but it also allows you to mobilize your workforce and collaborate effectively wherever you’re working from. 


Your cloud service grows alongside your business. As your business expands, you can upscale your cloud infrastructure with minimal fuss, and you can just as easily reduce your services if necessary. With cloud computing, you’re in control. 


Cloud computing is cost-efficient. By embracing cloud technology, you can reduce your reliance on expensive hardware and in-house network servers. What’s more, you typically only pay for the resources you use, so you’re never overpaying for the service. 

If you’re serious about growing your business this year, you should seriously consider embracing cloud computing. 

How an MSP can help you with your cloud strategy

To make the most of your cloud infrastructure, you need the support of an MSP. Here’s a breakdown of how an MSP can help you maintain your cloud computing solutions. 

Reduced downtime 

If your cloud infrastructure goes down, it’s important to get back online again quickly – after all, downtime can cost your business up to $10,000 in lost resources every hour. However, with an MSP on your side, you can minimize your lost time and restore operations as soon as possible. 

An MSP has the expertise to manage your cloud infrastructure for you from a remote location, giving you the freedom to run your business while spending less time worrying about downtime.

Increased security

Security, particularly data security and cybersecurity, are major issues for the average business. The trouble is that many companies don’t fully appreciate their own cybersecurity risks, and data security compliance is time-consuming. 

The good news is that an MSP can quickly identify your cybersecurity risks and help you implement a safe, secure cloud solution. What’s more, MSPs can manage your compliance needs in the cloud, so you don’t have to.

Improved efficiency

Cloud infrastructure is both cost and time-efficient, but only if you have the right cloud solution for your business needs. An MSP can assess your current IT infrastructure and your long and short-term business goals to see where cost savings are available and where they can streamline your operations. 

Scale your business

Whether you use it as a backup solution or you rely on it for scalable growth, cloud infrastructure is essential for any modern SMB. With an MSP’s help, you can help ensure that your cloud infrastructure is cost-effective and entirely aligned with your unique business goals. For more information on how an MSP can support your cloud infrastructure, contact us today.