How Managed Services Providers can make IT Directors’ Lives Easier


IT Directors have it rough. They are expected to be everything to their organization, know it all and maintain every piece of equipment seamlessly. It’s a thankless job, since very few people stop to notice when technology is configured and working properly. When was the last time someone patted you on the back for the lightning fast internet speed or new server configuration? Been awhile, right?  IT Directors are often required to be everything and when Managed Services Providers come on the case – they like to point out everything that the IT Director is doing incorrectly. You’re only one person, after all. But MSPs just don’t seem to appreciate it. They’re happy to replace your salary and loyalty with their tools and “processes”. This type of situation is why so many IT Directors are hesitant to bring on Managed Services Providers. But what if things were a little different? What if a Managed Services Provider could make your life as an IT Director easier?

You’d have access to all the latest tools.
The cool thing about Managed Services Providers is they always have the latest version of a backup, antivirus or any other software that comes out. This means that rather than using your aged application you gain access to all the new features, get to test new applications and make sure that your tools are continually up to date.  All without massive capital outlay.

You wouldn’t be on call 24/7.
Remember that time you got called on your vacation and had to resolve an issue with the printer that turned out to be the fact that someone had unplugged the network cable? Or the time that you forgot to do backup because you were installing a new workstation? Help Desk is a huge time suck and bringing on a Managed Services Partner can change that. Not only do you get freed up time and actual vacations, but they can closely monitor ticket times and when something isn’t working properly – you can just give them a call to troubleshoot for you.

All the maintenance would happen automatically.
The backups, the antivirus, the operating system updates – all of it becomes completely seamless, since it’s done by a your MSP rather than doing it manually on each workstation and server.

Vendor Management.
No one has time to sit on the phone with the internet provider when the internet is out. No one has time to re-negotiate contracts and vet out services from different vendors. Partnering with an MSP that has existing relationships will allow you to leverage their partnerships and expertise to get expedited service and discounts on services that you may not have otherwise gotten. When things go wrong, rather than dealing with it yourself and calling 12 dfferent people, your MSP can handle it on your behalf – freeing up even more time.

Monitoring without worrying.
There’s all those unknowns, right? What happens if the server goes down at night? How will we recover our data? Will I be available if the internet service is spotty? How will I know if I’m available when e-mail is down? All of these things can easily and seamlessly be monitored by software used by MSPs to make sure that you’re up and running. That’s why many of them can guarantee 99% uptime.

So, what’s left? Are you starting to worry that an MSP can take over for you and make your job functions obsolete? Not at all. No one knows that business’ technology as intimately as you. That means that you’re left with managing projects, technology, advocating for the business’ best interest and being strategic about growth. Truly, a relationship with a Managed Services Provider doesn’t have to be adversarial. Bringing in the right provider will help you gain clarity on growth, software applications and managing the things within the business that you love focusing on.