How To Stay Engaged While Working Remotely

Side note before reading – This blog is based on what a few of our team members do to stay engaged while working remotely.

What was a typical workday for you before working remotely?

  • Grace:
    • Get out of bed, get dressed, grab breakfast to take to work
    • Arrive at the office, pull out calendar and start my day
    • Managing Digital marketing materials, going to networking events and staying involved in the community
  • Brad:
    • Get up at 5:30, I would typically spend about 3 hours in the car between dropping kids off and starting my day

What has changed in your routine?

  • Brad
    • At Entech, we can use our laptops in and out of the office, most of the applications we use we can access remotely to manage our clients and ourselves
    • Took my docking station home and hooked it up to an external monitor to be able to still work and access applications from the company as needed
  • Grace
    • I have not had to wake up as early, I set my alarm an hour later and I am able to sleep in because I save time by eliminating my commute
    • Getting ready for work is still important because it puts me in the mindset that I am still needing to work. Having a routine keeps me productive and distracts me from being stuck in the house

How do you stay engaged with your team?

  • Grace and Brad
    • We now do morning huddles on Zoom or Teams to stay connected to our coworkers, these platforms you can share your screen and collaborate with others. Teams allows us to collaborate with one another and share meme and gifs to keep the workday fun and engaging

What are the benefits of working from home?

  • Brad
    • Not having to commute anywhere
  • Grace
    • Come up with creative home workout routines, spend more time with my fur baby, eat healthier and save money
    • Positive mindset is key

How do you stay focused when working from home?

  • Grace
    • Having a regular morning routine, like we said above, puts me in the mindset that I am at work. Having a centralized workspace really helps with this as well
  • Brad
    • Alternating days between friends to watch kids so they can work, and we can work when needed, it helps my wife and I and our friends have days where we can focus

Key takeaways

  • Be mindful and inclusive
  • Take the time to turn off my computer and waiting until the next day to do things to separate my home life from my work life. Make sure to disconnect
  • Keep your body healthy, whether it’s mental or physical.
  • This is the perfect time to explore technology features and take advantage of new things