Hurricane preparedness for protecting your business IT

We’re in the midst of hurricane season in Southwest Florida. That means it’s time to start planning ahead to make sure your business is prepared in case a hurricane hits. Technology is likely a large part of what keeps your business going on a daily basis. Check out our tips for making sure your hurricane preparedness strategy can protect your technology. 

Protect your physical property

Before a hurricane hits, make sure your hardware is safe and secure. Elevate computers above flood levels. Ensure systems (servers and computer) are properly backed up, shut down, and unplugged. In addition to computers, servers also need to be secured. Secure windows with plywood near IT systems that you can’t relocate, such as servers, networking devices, and large printers. Anchor heavy hardware to protect tipping over from the high wind. In your hurricane preparedness plan, be sure to include which devices need to be protected and who is responsible. Protecting physical hardware before a hurricane can save the cleanup and additional costs when returning back to the office. 

Protect electronic files

It’s also important to keep electronic files safe. During a hurricane, your staff will need to access these files to keep business going as usual. Data backups should be kept offsite. A great way to do this is storing business-critical data and files in the cloud. That way, employees can easily access the files they need from any device and internet connection. 

It’s also a good idea to appoint one or multiple employees with hard copies of mission-critical business information such as personnel, financial and legal documents in case something were to happen and these files are no longer retrievable. 

Have a reliable communication plan

Communication is key when it comes to hurricane preparedness. Ensure you have already established methods of communication via the internet such as VoIP or Microsoft Teams. With the Office 365 suite of tools, your staff can access all the necessary forms of communication such as email, chat, video conferencing, and calls with an internet connection. With this solution, it can be quickly implemented and accessible from any device. Don’t wait until after the storm to try and figure out how you’re going to get in touch with your employees.

Stay proactive with a Business Agility Roadmap

At Entech, we help businesses plan for anything that comes their way. Our business agility technology solutions will prepare your business and employees weather any situation. Plan ahead and keep your business agile with IT solutions from Entech. Contact us today to learn more.