Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Here in Southwest Florida, it’s 88 degrees and sunny – it’s what most people dreams are made of. We are fortunate to work and play in such a lovely place, however for 5 months of each year, we generally go on-edge as hurricane season approaches.

If you believe the weather experts, 2019 will shape up to be another active year with 12 named storms potentially invading our coast and with it, bringing peril to our homes, businesses, and lives. 2017 brought us Irma, which we can still see the effects from, mostly in Naples and Fort Myers. Our office in Fort Myers was without power for over a week, and many of our clients were down for more than two weeks.

What are you doing today to prepare for what could create serious disruption for you, your staff, your clients, and our community?

At Entech, we believe that you deserve the very best in education and tools. That is why we have put together a special pre-hurricane checklist chalked full of items you may or may not think about as it relates to your business technology. Frankly, these are important all year long, but we’ll leverage the attention that hurricane season brings us to re-remind you of them. From our team to yours, and from our families to yours, here’s to hoping for a quiet hurricane season that brings you more trips on the boat or rounds of golf than it does the need to hang your storm shutters and power down your servers.

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