Microsoft Teams Live Demo

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Microsoft Teams is Communication, Collaboration and Culture. Communication and Collaboration is key to staying connected to your team and collaborating especially if you work out of multiple offices during this hard time.

Because this is a demo, you’ll probably need to watch the video for the full experience. Here is a list of what is covered.

To change your profile settings

  • Click on either your pictures or your initials (top right corner) to change your picture or set your status
  • You can change your status to: Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb, Appear Away, or Be Right Back
  • These settings use them as a door, so if someone needed to knock on your door, they know whether you are available, busy, away, etc
  • In the general setting you can change your theme to dark or high contrast


  • Mentions can be adjusted through Settings>Notifications. These mentions can be adjusted based on personal mentions, channel mentions, and team mentions. These settings will help you see when someone mentions something to you
  • You can change your settings for your messages on Settings>Notifications. You can control the way you receive messages and important messages you would like to see

How to create a team

  • Purple strip: Me Space (Your activities, chat, teams, calendar, calls and files)
  • White strip: We Space (Where all the collaboration happens, where your teams are)
  • Building a team: go to the bottom of the white strip (we space) and click on join or create a team
  • If a team has already be created click “Join a team with a code” and enter the code in there
  • Creating your team: you have two options to build a team from scratch or used an existing Office 365 group or team
  • You can also set different privacy options on teams if you want the team to be private that means people would need permission to join, public is where anyone in the organization can join and org-wide is everyone in your organization automatically joins
  • You then can name the team and give a quick description on what the team is. Every time you make a team, a general channel is automatically created
  • If you want to talk specifics, I would recommend creating a separate channel from the general one

How to manage a team

  • Hit the ellipses and you will be able to manage your team by adding a channel or member, leave a team, edit it, etc .
  • To manage a team, it is the settings for the team this will let you know who the owners are who manage them and members or guest that are within that team
  • The team is a house, the channel are the rooms in the house and the tabs are the things you would find in those rooms
  • If you are an owner, you can restore a deleted channel
  • If you want members and owners to be able to tag others in channels you can change that in the tags setting of the team
  • If a team member sends a picture or file to the team you can access that file at the top of the screen from the “files” tab, in case it becomes lost in conversation
  • Just like on your computer, you can move documents into a file with a title. Click on the document you would like to move scroll down on the ellipses and add that to the file

When chatting 1:1

  • You can start a chat with someone by going to the top of your screen by the search bar and to the left of it, clicking on the notepad and pen and creating a chat. In that chat, it works the same as a channel so any files that you share in the chat, will be saved into the files tab
  • If you would like to start a phone call or video call with someone you can access that through the right-hand side of your screen and either clicking on the phone or the video button to chat with someone
  • If you need to record a phone call or video call, you can click on the ellipses and click the “start recording” button to record the conversation if needed
  • You can also schedule a meeting within a chat. If you go down to the “new message” bar below and click on the calendar you can schedule a meeting with that person
  • If you would like to add others to the meeting, you can do so in the “new meetings” tab and add people as needed. There is also a button to the right of the screen that allows you to add optional participants to the meeting as well
  • The meeting will populate onto your calendar on teams and on your outlook
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