Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of Entech

Many businesses are facing a confusing and difficult time dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. At Entech, we remain committed to helping your employees and customers throughout this time. We are prepared to equip your business with the right IT solutions to keep business moving forward and with little disruption to daily operations.

Providing additional support

Our IT experts are here to help answer your questions around the clock. We understand that you may have some questions about new ways to better serve your employees and customers while working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic. As always, we are here to help answer any questions and provide you with any new and ongoing support needed to get through this unusual time.

Additional systems and processes

Since the majority of your employees are likely working from home, you may need to implement some additional systems that were not needed in your office previously. We can help you find the best solutions that work for you. For example, using a unified communications platform will easily allow your employees to communicate and collaborate efficiently within one single platform. This is also a great tool to use to hold weekly meetings to check in on employees to see if they need additional support while working from home. 

In addition to unified communications, implementing a VoIP system would also be beneficial during this time and beyond by increasing productivity by 20%. VoIP allows employees to use their mobile device as a phone. They would still have access to their office phone number and real-time incoming and outgoing calls without having to worry about a phone line or bring their office phone home. All they would need is an internet connection and a mobile device. 

Increased security measures

While employees are working from home, they may not have the added layer of protection as your typical office environment has. To make matters worse, we’re now seeing more than 2,600 attacks per day on average that are related to the coronavirus. We can help encrypt important data that employees need access to on a regular basis. This adds more security in case an employee’s device or network is compromised. Remind your employees to keep their software up to date and use strong passwords on their own devices. As always, we will continue to monitor your data and keep a close eye on things while employees are working from home.

Business continuity planning

During times like this, you are probably thinking that you should have a business continuity plan in place or update the existing plan. While planning how your business would work through a pandemic likely wasn’t included in your plan, preparing for any sort of disaster that would cause your employees to work remotely should be included. It’s important to have a business continuity plan even when we’re not in the midst of a global pandemic. A business continuity plan allows your business to keep moving forward without disruption while recovering or dealing with a disaster. We can help prepare your business for all sorts of disasters so you have a clear guide to turn to in case anything should happen in the future. 

You can rely on Entech

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, you can rely on Entech to provide your business with the best IT solutions. Working remotely in our two offices is part of our everyday business so we know all the remote working solutions your business needs to remain successful during this time. We are more prepared than ever to assist your company with remote working solutions. To learn more, contact us today!