The Golf Club CFO’s Guide to Justifying IT Managed Services


As a CFO, it’s your job to reign in the budget and make sure that you’re keeping a close eye on expenditures. Careful consideration must be taken as to the return of each investment that is made. You’re accountable to your club members and the board for spending, so each dollar counts. When it comes to IT and Managed Services, if your club hasn’t invested significantly in the past, large proposals can be a tough pill to swallow. You need to know that what you’re getting is worthwhile. If you’re still having trouble rationalizing an investment in IT Managed Services, this blog may make you feel a little better about it.

Determine the true cost of the status quo.
You can’t just keep things the same to save money. Your employees will suffer through decreased productivity, your members will suffer through lack of innovation and responsiveness and eventually that will trickle down into the membership numbers as well. We broke it down in our recent blog, showing you where Golf Clubs are losing money by not having Managed Services. It even goes as far as to break down some of the real time costs of employee inefficiency. I should probably end this article there. “Drop the mic”, so to speak, but we have to help you understand where IT Managed Services is really going to bring value and that’s not in the reactive stuff we’ve covered there.

100% backup coverage.
What would happen if your entire system crashed and you lost all your data? Would you have a backup handy to restore your main application as soon as possible? Would you be back up and running, taking payments from your members, ringing up orders at your Pro Shop and in your dining and accessing all your customers information? How long would it take? Hours? Days? Weeks? If you’re operating on an application like Jonas, IBS or another golf-centric application, you know how important it is that you stay up and running. You need continuity. That’s not something that can be provided without Managed Services. With Managed Services, the IT company is in charge of your backups, server and continuity strategy – they can have you up and running in a matter of hours. The same can’t be said for a reactive IT company.

No more worrying.
Take backup and go a step further. With comprehensive strategic services offered by many IT Managed Services firms, you no longer have to worry about your next upgrade and renovation. By planning for your technology strategically with your partner you can carefully manage budget, workstation refreshes, server and application upgrades and any future expenditures. This allows you to plan for growth in a methodical, scaled way that can ensure innovation without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for peace of mind with your existing reactive strategy, you’ll never have it. You may have your budget in line for a little bit – until your server or workstations need to be replaced. But there’s so much floating up in the air. How can you integrate new technologies? How do you know which of those technologies actually stands to bring in money and be successful for both your club and your employees? You don’t really know until you bring in a partner with the expertise that you need. It’s time to reconsider your approach to technology.