Tips on Engagement and Security While Working Remotely

Entech Joined the Women in Business group at the Fort Myers chamber to discuss “Tips on Engagement and Security While Working Remotely”. Jake Spanberger and Stephen Tracy have provided tips below to help with collaborating with your team and how to stay secure while working remotely.

Tips to staying engaged while working remotely

  • Stay professional, be in your work clothes, get in the mental mindset of working.
  • Same day: Meetings should recur on a specific day.
  • Same time: Being consistent helps to keep staff focused and engaged.
  • Same agenda: Adds structure to the meeting, this is so everyone understands the purpose of the meeting and what is to be covered in it.
  • Start on time: Early is on time, on time is late, start times are set in stone.
  • End on time: Be respectful of other people’s time, others may have something immediately after that is important for them and the company.

Microsoft Teams

  • Is a collaboration tool, this is what we live in day to day. This enabled up to not skip a beat when moving to remote and being able to still connect with one another outside of the office. This allows us to work on the same files and work from mobile devices. You also have the luxury to record on teams so if someone missed a meeting, you can send them the meeting after the fact to have them look at it.
  • Chat can be one on one, you can also video chat and call anyone on teams as well. It is as easy as clicking a button in your organization to chat with someone is typing becomes more of a task to you.
  • In the files section on your teams, you can share files with people in your organization and you can access them through that tab if the file ends up getting lost in conversation.
  • In teams, you also have channels where you can send out messages to all your staff or only certain people within your staff. You can set up channels like a “Leadership team” channel to relay only certain information to people within your organization.
  • Teams is a way to avoid long email messages and create a ground for things you need to discuss. You may also mention certain people in chats to make sure they see that message; this is a great collaboration tool.
  • Keep your video on, there are ways we communicate in person that are lost in text. It is important to still try and have that face to face communication to drive collaboration.

Basic Cyber Hygiene

  • People who hack into your network tend to sit on your network for 196 days before they are detected.
  • After that, it takes another 69 days to get them out of their system.
  • It takes on average 19 minutes for someone to hack into your computer then move to another computer and try to gather more information
  • Do not store your password in your browsers, if someone access your computer, they can easily access your information.
  • Make sure you have a private network to work on, don’t leave your network open and accessible to others.
  • Locking your computer or even shut it down, it makes it easier for hackers to log in and access your information if your computer is on.

Email Security 101

  • All your personal information is within your email, there is data that can be collected about you that can be used against you.
  • Make sure to have a complex password so people cannot hack into your information.
  • Verify every email that comes through, question every email and make sure the email is valid.
  • Password tools: you can use Last pass, one login, 1Password, Dashline, RoboForm are all password managers.

Multi-factor Authentication/Two-Factor Authentication

  • These include Duo Mobile, Google Authenticate, Microsoft Authenticate, etc.
  • These apps will require you to authenticate yourself before accessing applications.