Top 4 Things Businesses Should Know about Apple WatchOS 2

We’ve spent some time since the Apple Watch was announced last year getting intimately familiar with the operating system, the equipment and its use in the business world. Since then we’ve maintained our thought that Apple Watch can improve business productivity. Yesterday, the latest operating system for the watch came out, watchOS 2. We spent some time with it and there are a few features you should know about that will make productivity even better.

  1. Reply to e-mails
    Reply_to_EmailPerhaps one of the most frustrating things about the e-mail in the original watchOS was the limited interaction with e-mail. Using the interface, you can easily reply with an emoji, dictate your response or choose from your list of presets to respond. This is a great way for sales reps or executives that are in meetings or traveling to easily reply to their most urgent or time-sensitive e-mails without having to access their phone.
  1. Native Apps
    In the old operating system, all apps lived on your phone. This meant all data and information was processed on your iPhone and showed on the watch.  This caused delays and slow processing because you were previously subject to Bluetooth transfer in real time. Now some of the apps, like Mail, process locally right on the watch. It’s a massive improvement to speed and experience with the app and device in general.
  1. Time Travel
    TimetravelNo, you cannot teleport through time with a touch of your watch, but in watchOS 2 Apple has given us access to the ability to turn the crown on your watch screen in order to view your upcoming appointments and activities in real time. This is great for busy professionals who need to see what’s coming up in their day but aren’t in a position to be looking at their phone.
  1. Enhanced Navigation
    Apple has made their Watch more like their other iDevices, with enhanced visibility and graphics. The Haptic feedback is much more logical. Previously the navigation feedback was confusing and required users to look at their watch, but now it is much more logical when approaching turns and destinations. The graphics are improved and user interface is much more intuitive.

Like any that Apple makes, new devices take time for the kinks to be worked out. Because the watchOS has been opened up for a lot more flexibility to developers, we expect to see even greater things coming from apps and future updates. If you’re a business professional that has been pausing on getting the Apple Watch because of the mixed reviews you’ve been reading – we can safely say that it’s time to tuck away those worries. The Apple Watch they promised has finally arrived – and it’s making life easier for business professionals.