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Hurricane Preparedness Live Stream with Tim McCulla

Ready for your business and IT before a hurricane hits to protect your data

Technology Evolution and Data Explosion

  • Applications are getting more sophisticated
  • 90% of all data has been produced in the last 2 years
  • Data is expected to grow 10x in the next 5 years

It’s important for your data to be…

  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Recoverable

Why do I need a protection plan?

In contrary to popular belief, only 3% of data loss is caused by a natural disaster, like a fire, flood, earthquake, or hurricane.
97% of your risk sits outside of these things, and is more likely caused by a power outage, construction cutting off communication for a period of time, or accidental deletion of important documents.

Statistical Causes of Unplanned Downtime

  • 40% – Operation Errors
  • 40% – Application Failures
  • 20% – Hardware, OS, Security, Power, Natural Disasters

DR vs. BC

  • Business continuity allows you to continue to operate your business with the most minimal amount of downtime, however that takes a lot more work (planning, strategy, configuration)
  • Disaster recovery simply says “We have a disaster, how are we going to recover from it?”


  • Recovery point objective: How frequently do we want to capture data (back it up)? Ex. every hour, every 4 hours, once a day…
  • Recovery time objective: How soon after a disaster strikes do we need to get the business back up and running?

The Stats

  • 85% of systems are not backed up
  • 80% of loss is due to operational (human) error or application failures
  • Data is expected to grow by over 10x in the next 5 years

The Rule of 3 Checklist

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