3 Ways Property Management Companies can Increase Mobility

Increasingly your clients, tenants and owners are demanding that you become more mobile. As a property management company that means investing in new technology like tablets and line of business applications that can support you on the go. You need to be able to recall documents while on the road and during showings. You can’t afford to leave a single document at the office since, more often than not, you or your staff sometimes work from the road. If you’re a property management company trying to become more mobile – here are a few suggestions:

Document sharing applications.
Of course, document sharing within your organization is great. But you need something secure that you can use outside your organization to exchange the multitudes of documents that are coming across your desk every day from owners, tenants and contractors. Tools like Box and customized FTP sites can provide integrated, secure document access that will allow you to avoid a third party service just to send a 200-page report.

Tablet access for primary applications and data.
What’s a pricy line of business application if it doesn’t have phone app and tablet support? We’ve already discussed how some important property management apps can help you manage your data better, but you need to make sure that your primary application truly supports your mobile needs in addition to your workflows. Ensuring that your onsite managers and regional management has access to this information in real time can be a game changer.

The cloud. Yes. The cloud.
You’ve heard so much about the cloud already. But not everyone can afford a customized web-based application. However, hosting your existing servers in the cloud can provide a much more stable and reliable way to get data to your field employees while also maintaining reliable access for your main office staff and ensuring continuity. The cloud isn’t the right option for everyone, but within the Property Management industry it can be an invaluable and cost-effective solution for mobilizing data.

Being more mobile-friendly doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Using free applications, choosing boxed industry applications that have an existing app or hosting your servers in the cloud are all great ways to increase the mobility of your data and access for your employees. Property management professionals have enough to worry about. Make sure that you have the appropriate accessibility you need to your data for a more convenient (and environmentally friendly) workflow when you and your employees are outside the office.