3 Ways the Cloud Can Improve Property Managers’ Lives


In the world of property management, every day is a little crazy. It doesn’t matter how much careful planning you’ve done, or what sort of amazing time management skills you have – something will inevitably happen that will send you scrambling. It’s a life that you’ve come to know and, to a certain extent, love. But getting ahead doesn’t really happen, no matter how hard you try. And when your technology breaks and you have to derail an already crazy day just to troubleshoot printing issues or wait for a slow machine – it’s enough to make even the most even-tempered property manager go crazy. So – how can you get out of this reactive cycle of addressing issues as they arise and having technology that actually helps rather than hurts your day? The cloud. Hear me out – because I’m going to tell you that the cloud can improve a property managers life – in more ways than one.

Here are three ways the cloud can improve property managers’ lives:

Access, from wherever.
No one really works exclusively in the office anymore, do they? This is particularly true for you. You’re everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Pulled over on the side of the road answering e-mails, at a property meeting with a tenant, working from home late at night to “get ahead”… You need ready access. While we’ve already delved a little into increasing mobility with certain applications, it’s important that you understand that the cloud can completely revolutionize the way that you’re working. No more e-mailing documents to yourself or calling the office to shoot you over a file that you need. It’s all just there, which means that files aren’t floating around and your files remain as secure as they possibly can.

Your owners and tenants trust you with a lot of sensitive information. Banking information, identity information, and lots of it. You have to be as responsible as you can possibly be with that and that means taking your IT security seriously. We’ve already addressed security as one of the most critical technology elements for property management companies, but the cloud can truly secure your documents, files and applications. Rather than storing your files and applications on a central server in your office, subject to security breaches or server failure, they’re stored in the cloud. What does that mean? It means they’re offsite, protected from intrusion and disaster in a server that’s updated, secure and reliable – often with guaranteed uptime and backups.

We already know you’re the best at what you do, and as soon as you get organized with your technology, you’re going to get even better. Inevitably, this means growth. New markets and new offices are on the horizon for you. You may not have envisioned it in the beginning, but there is a massive demand for innovative property management companies. Setting your organization up with the cloud will give you infrastructure that’s easily set up for growth, allowing for access from your central headquarters to your remote offices without having to bog down an internal server or spend tens of thousands on robust infrastructure and new servers at each location.

You’ve worked hard to give your clients and tenants the best, and people are starting to notice, which is why you’re literally running around trying to keep up. It’s time to give your company and organization the technology that it needs to keep up with the times, access your files from anywhere and do so securely. If you want to grow and have big plans for the future of your organization (beyond getting through the day to day stuff), it’s time to consider taking your mobility to the next level with a cloud upgrade.