Benefits of using the cloud all year round not just during a disaster

Cloud adoption and spending skyrocketed during the first and second quarters of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The cloud, it seems, has been the go-to solution for many organizations looking to maintain communications and other digital business processes during these uncertain times. Cloud solutions are ideal for facilitating staff to share virtual resources and collaborate remotely to keep a business moving.

However, enterprise cloud computing is not just useful during disasters; cloud services can be beneficial to your business at any time. Here are five reasons why you should implement the cloud as a permanent asset rather than a temporary fix.

1. Lower IT and data storage costs

Cloud solutions are free from capital and maintenance expenditures. You do not need to purchase any expensive servers, network infrastructure, or software to start enjoying virtually unlimited storage and powerful computing tools.

Most cloud service providers only charge a small monthly fee based on a cost-efficient pay-as-you-go subscription model. And since the provider also takes care of all the updates and maintenance routines, you never have to worry about IT upkeep costs.

2. Round-the-clock resource availability and access

Cloud-based data and software reside on a hosted virtual environment that is accessible at any time, from anywhere, and through any internet-enabled device. In other words, cloud solutions are independent of location and device. This means that your team members can all share a common data pool and set of digital tools regardless of where they are, making it possible to telecommute, even when on the move.

3. Centralized communications to keep team members connected

Efficient communication is a vital business ingredient. Certain cloud services provide various real-time communications solutions on a central platform through concepts such as unified communications. With Microsoft Teams, you can have instant messaging, emailing, conferencing, and voice on a single stage where every member can reach and interact with the entire community.

Several enterprise communications tools take advantage of cloud computing to deliver exceptional services at remarkably low prices. Such advanced communication systems will not only help you cut costs but also tie the organization together in a unique and convenient way.

4. Instant on-demand services

Most cloud services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization. What’s more, you can fine-tune various parameters to match changes in your business’s technical demands. For instance, if you need more storage space, you can always expand your cloud’s capacity to hold more data.

Cloud solutions are highly flexible, which makes them an ideal fit for any agile business model. It is also important to have an easily tunable computing infrastructure that copes with the dynamic business landscape.

5. Resilient computing

In a 2018 survey, more than 90 percent of the respondents said they were concerned about cloud security. Yet ironically, about a quarter of them reported that they were more confident with cloud security than on-premise security. The truth is, cloud security has advanced a long way over the last few years through intelligent innovations that have greatly minimized risks. And, there are many reasons why cloud computing is much safer compared to on-prem IT systems.

By combining robust cybersecurity and virtual resources that are almost entirely immune to downtime, the cloud gives you more reliable computing experience.

Internet-based computing is a fast-growing trend that aims to minimize computing costs, make powerful computing tools readily available to everyone, and promote efficient use of resource-intensive technologies. Hopefully, these attractive benefits of cloud computing will persuade you to adopt full-time cloud solutions. Do not wait until the next disaster hits to utilize cloud capabilities; take full advantage of the cloud now and all year round.

Business Agility and what Entech can do for you

Having a cloud strategy is important in business agility due to mobility. With cloud computing, you have access to all your data and files. All you need is an internet connection and a device. Entech can help your business develop a strategic business agility strategy that includes mobility, accessibility, and security. 

At Entech, we help businesses grow by guiding them into making smart technology decisions that make them flexible and mobile while keeping their data protected, so they can keep up and running through any situation. To learn more about business agility, cloud solutions, and what your business needs to achieve this strategy, reach out to Entech today.