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A note from Entech's Scott Hamilton: Good, bad, or indifferent

Scott Hamilton Director of Managed Services

If you have stayed up to date with our newsletters, our President Buddy Martin’s first newsletter of the year appropriately titled “Mama Said There’d be Days Like This”, which was followed up by our Chief Strategy Officer Jeremy Stakely, “Looking ahead to 2023.” 

Both articles had elements that served as a reflection of the past years and their challenges.  No one could imagine the effects COVID would have, even years later. 

If you live or work in SW Florida, Hurricane Ian was the worst we’ve seen and still has a tremendous impact on the community today.  Sprinkle in The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, Quiet Hiring, Remote Work Force, and various other Social Media trends. The collective “we” have gone from complaining about Millennials in the workforce to dealing with an ever-challenging / ever-changing new generation even more confusing than Millennials. (An inside Jab to our VP of Service Operations)

As Director of Managed Services, I am responsible for the day-to-day service operations for all our locations.  Within the technology industry, there are always new shiny objects.  While it is important to stay up to date on current tools and trends, I suspect your choice in Entech is not because we offer a specific tool.  Author and Leadership Expert Simon Sinek wrote the book Start with Why.  I highly suggest reading it if you haven’t already, in this book Mr. Sinek explains the importance of starting with why. 

What is Entech’s “Why”?  To Enable People to do What Matters. 

This has been our mission for quite some time.  To enable our partners to grow their business through technology and strategy.  To enable our community by supporting numerous non-profits.  To enable our employees to grow along with their careers.  Entech’s “Why” is at the root of all we do as an organization.  I wanted to spend the next few minutes with you to explain Why our ticket surveys are so important to us.

Ticket Surveys: We have real people wanting to help your organization's technology needs. 

I recently had the pleasure of sitting in a meeting with a vendor that drew a parallel with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in relation to Customer Service.  For example, if you are in a situation where you don’t have food or water, you’re not going to be terribly concerned about belonging and making friends.  You must satisfy each level before you move up to the next section.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

If you have a service issue that can’t seem to be resolved, you’re not going to want to talk about your organization’s strategy over the next 12 - 36 months; you just want the issue at hand fixed.  Once that issue is solved from the physiological perspective, then we can move up to the next level, and begin discussing future planning.  I loved this analogy because it highlights the human element of what we do. 

We use words like “Fanatical”, Passionate”, and “Committed”, and we don’t take that lightly. 

We don’t have a ChatGPT bot on the other end of your ticket asking if you have turned it off and on again. We have real people wanting to help your organization's technology needs. 

Good, bad, or indifferent every interaction with you as our partner is a learning opportunity for our team to improve.  Entech wants our customer service to be one of our differentiators.  One of the tools we use to help measure how we are doing from a service delivery standpoint is our customer service survey when a ticket is resolved.

Customer Service Survey: Every interaction is a learning opportunity for our team to improve.

 customer service survey

If you choose green, yellow, or red it will automatically log the survey.  You then have the option to add additional comments - a single click is all we are asking for, but if you have additional comments to add, those are great too!  If anything other than green is selected it will prompt a follow-up from one of our team members to help us understand why. 

In each of our locations, we have screens displaying various gauges, but most importantly our recent surveys. 

Entech Recent Survey Screen-1

You may be asking yourself “Why is this important to me?”.  My why to you is Information Technology is a deeply personal operation within your business. 

Communication is key, both when we are doing well, and if we miss the mark. 

Each time you thank us for being “friendly, responsive, patient, etc.” it helps the entire team understand what is important to you.  If you love us, please tell us.  If your experience is anything less than great, I encourage you to reach out to your Partner Success Manager, one of our Team Leads, or myself.  I am confident there is no issue that we cannot overcome together. 

Thank you for trusting us with the technology that drives your business. 

Scott Hamilton
Director of Managed Services


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