A note from Entech's David Spire: Risk is an interesting thing... 

I never thought much about it growing up or early in my career. Many of us run fast and loose in our youth, immune to the peril that seemingly lurks around every corner; we carry a sense of impenetrability.

David Spire, EntechTime and experience teach us that the reality of life is very different and we must account for the unexpected.

Day to day, I get the opportunity to switch tasks and leverage my strength: creativity, mentoring others, helping our partners, grinding through a tactical issue, and being strategic to forecast the future of our industry and organization.  

Of all the things that I do, partner education is the one that feeds my soul the most. It gives me energy, fuels my passion, and drives a greater sense of purpose.  

Over the last 2 1/2 years, most of those opportunities were stripped away as we’ve been in flux. However, two (2) months ago we got back to our roots and took our partner education series back on the road. It was only then that I realized how much I had missed the opportunity to interact with our partner employee base.

Our purpose is simple: To enable you to do what matters.

You are the heroes of our community. Our role is to help YOU create leverage and remove success blockers. 

Back to risk - In preparation for these education events, I was re-reminded of the significant risks our partners face. It comes from all sides, in all forms and the stakes are greater than ever for you.

When it comes to risk, you only have four options: (1) accept, (2) avoid, (3) mitigate, or (4) transfer.

That’s it. That’s all you have to choose from.

Sadly, ignorance is no defense and if the decision isn’t one of those four listed above, you’re lumped into the “accepted it” category.

It’s a painful (and often expensive) lesson for you to learn the hard way. We see it every day.

If you’d like to learn more about our free employee training session, please contact us and let us know. My offer is good whether you’re an active partner or not. Please, take me up on it.

David Spire
Chief Revenue Officer

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