Increase Construction Company Efficiency with Cloud Services

Increase Construction Company Efficiency with Cloud Services

In the construction industry you have to be at the top of your game. As the economy rebounds, customers want to work with innovative organizations that can deliver the solutions to their project needs. You have to be an expert in balancing quality, costs, subcontractors and customer service and manage it all seamlessly. Being the best and delivering competitive bids in a timely manner is no easy feat. For some organizations, it can be difficult to bring together all the moving parts. While your ability to create processes is very important in these situations, have you ever given though to how your management software and infrastructure could make your organization more efficient? Here are a few ways that we’ve seen construction organizations increase company efficiency with cloud services.

Cost Efficiency.
Most of the time when you consider efficiency, you’re looking at process and management. But you also have to consider the cost effectiveness of any technology you’re switching to – and with the cloud, you’re winning that consideration. Across the board, moving your in-house servers and applications to the cloud means a predictable monthly expense rather than a massive one-time project every few years. Building it into your regular expenses frees up capital that you may want to use for other projects or improvements. One of the main reasons that companies within every industry make the switch to the cloud is because of the cost efficiency.

Faster bids, better collaboration.
iStock_000052965942_SmallYou need access on the job site, on the road, in the office and everywhere in between. A traveling executive has to be able to look at cost changes and profitability, a project manager juggling multiple projects has to manage expectations and remain within budget. Superintendents on the job site have to make sure they’re keeping labor costs under wraps and communicating all the necessary details. The office manager has to keep all these details together so they can bill clients, manage vendors, make orders and communicate with everyone involved. When a budget is crunched and a project is close to deadline, this can be very hard to do– but the cloud offers a secure, yet mobile option that allows all employees at every level to have the access that they need when they need it. By having the same information available to all employees, collaboration becomes much simpler, bids are delivered on time, projects are managed with ease – and everything runs much more efficiently.

The cloud not only centralizes data access, but it also allows for access from any device – meaning that your crews on the road can be using tablets to update job details, your CEO can check updates on a flight on his laptop and your office manager can use her desktop or even her mobile phone on her lunch break to keep everything running smoothly. It’s truly a game changer. Don’t believe it? One of our clients, DeAngelis Diamond Construction, completed a cloud migration right before they started working with us. Here’s what their CIO had to say about the cloud, “Migrating our companies files, email services, and construction software to the cloud has dramatically increased our efficiency on daily activities. It gives all of the team members the freedom and opportunity to work from anywhere, on any machine, at any time. We are no longer constrained by on premise servers and having to worry about downtime.”

In order to be an efficient organization in construction, you need to be innovative. If your software or storage solutions aren’t stacking up – it’s time to start looking into a cloud migration. Switch to the cloud and take your employee collaboration, your cost efficiencies and your data analytics to the next level. You won’t be sorry.