Survey Says: Top IT Concerns for Those Interested in Cloud Computing

Survey Says: Top IT Concerns for Those Interested in Cloud Computing

Recently, we polled our webinar attendees to get a better idea of what technology is most important to them. The answers were interesting. When asked to choose the topics that would be most valuable to business owners and executives, 70% agreed that knowing “how to maximize user efficiency through technology” was the most important topic. It’s clear that more businesses are starting to understand the importance of efficiency in 2015, but what other issues did those polled think are important? Check out the list of top concerns for those interested in cloud computing.

User efficiency.
Like I said, overwhelmingly the response that business owners were interested in the most was user efficiency and the key to efficiency is user satisfaction. We’ve discussed it many times, but here are some resources that you might find helpful:

Proper Security Management Foundations and Policies.
Next upon the list for the executives surveyed was security. Not just how to secure data, but how to manage that security, lay the appropriate foundation and policies to put into place to assist with management and avoid user error. As we continue to add more mobile devices and remote locations into the equation, we need a way to manage them securely. Add to that data breaches at big name companies and it’s definitely a top of mind concern for executives. Check out these blogs on the topic:

How to Conduct an Internal Audit of your IT
It’s important to know how your IT department or Managed Services provider is performing, but if you don’t have any standards to hold them to or any processes in place, it can be difficult to hold them accountable. Executives want to know more about IT audits and we agree that the performance of your IT department is crucial. Here are some resources we have that will help executives measure IT performance:

When you’re an executive, your concerns are many. Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about every single minute detail that could potentially impact your profit margins. Hopefully the resources listed will give you greater insight in better managing your technology.