Technology Tips to Help Property Managers Deliver Better

As a trusted property management professional, your tenants and clients rely on you to deliver on quality service and efficient lease agreements. Sometimes poorly structured workflows or inefficient software can get in the way of that. If your property management software isn’t serving you and your employees in the best possible way, it makes it significantly more difficult to deliver reliable, efficient service, let alone go above and beyond to recommend vendors and execute work orders and improvements. Rather than allowing piled up work to impact how you deliver to your tenants and clients, it may be time to explore how technology can help you better deliver your services.

More efficient workflows.
When you embrace technology like modernized phone systems, property management software and cloud-based file storage – you find that you spend less time on data entry or filing away paperwork, which means that you’re operating efficiently. When workflows are more efficient, you’re less stressed and can focus on the things like responding to property inquires and filling vacancies in the properties that you manage.

Communicate seamlessly.
Increasingly, your customer base is becoming savvy with technology. They’re carrying tiny computers in their pockets that power their lives – and you need to make sure that your interactions with them are as technology-driven as possible. Offering things like SMS-based or e-mail confirmations for lease agreements, work orders and rent payments is just one example of how you can use technology to inform. This helps you avoid making phone calls or sending e-mails when rent payments have been received and processed.

Collect efficiently.
If you have a tenant that is historically late in paying their rent, automated reminders from a property management application can help save time on the awkward, cumbersome list of collection calls by communicating when rent is past due and offering an online interface to process their payments rather than waiting for checks to clear.

Focus on what matters most.
When you’re drowning in lease agreements and phone calls from tenants about leaky faucets and broken AC systems, you can hardly focus on amazing customer service. Integrating technology into your business means giving yourself more time to deliver cost analysis reports to your owners and communicate with tenants about improvements and things other than the status of their AC repair man.

Making your everyday tasks flow more efficiently is what technology is all about. Take a moment to explore how your workflows are bottle-necking and you’ll uncover significant opportunity to productivity increases. You’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a day when you have the right technology behind you.